Lord Robert Baden Powell House

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As mentioned in our Scout handbook, Scouting in America started from a good deed done by a scout in Britain. An American named William D. Boyce lost his way in London and a boy helped him find his way. As an act of gratitude, Mr Boyce wanted to pay the boy for his service. But the boy replied: " No thank you, sir. I am a scout, I won't take anything for helping." Mr. Boyce was so fascinated by the boy's kindness; he met with Lord Robert Baden Powell, the Founder of Scouting in Great Britain. Mr. Boyce admired what he said and set out to create a Scouting program for boys in the United States. The picture above is where lord Baden Powell lived in London, my family and I traveled to England for about 2 weeks for a cruise. We visited his house on the last day with a touring company. His house, London, and all the British Isles were a unique experience.

  Jonathan D. Boy scout Troop209