Troop 209 Eagle Scout Projects

This page is dedicated to the boys from Troop 209 who have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. The Eagle Scout Service Project is one of the more challenging aspects of reaching Scouting's highest honor. Following a brief description of the Eagle Scout Service Project, you will find a history of the projects taken on and successfully completed by our Eagle Scouts.
The following 209 Scouts have earned the rank of Eagle. Select the Scout name to see their accomplishments.
Scout NameProject Date
Rafael DeligioNovember, 2011
Thomas CarverOctober, 2011
Matthew KaufmanFebruary, 2011
Daniel MarbachJune, 2010
Adam DlugoleckiJanuary, 2010
Morgen OlsonJanuary, 2010
Mark SarkisSeptember, 2009
Mark ThomasSeptember, 2009
Colin SeaverSeptember, 2009
Sean SturrockFebruary, 2009
Adam GoldmanDecember, 2008
McKinley MurpheyOctober, 2008
Jon Carlo TopeteAugust, 2008
Kim YihwanApril, 2008
Brandon ReckerDecember, 2007
Ryan RoopeNovember, 2007
Christopher JohnsonOctober, 2007
Geoffrey T. TyndallSeptember, 2007
William PettijohnAugust, 2007
Jonathan DeSimoneApril, 2007
Nick VosslerDecember, 2006
Robert J. BergfeldApril, 2005
Timothy Hughes-----
John VosslerApril, 2005
Kevin ButcherJanuary, 2005
Jeffrey NealNovember, 2004
Charley LellyOctober, 2004
JP McShaneSeptember, 2004
AJ ThorntonSeptember, 2004
Charlie LillyOctober, 2004
Andrew ThortonSeptember, 2004
Kadrian AlvarengaJuly, 2004
Armen AmirianFebruary, 2004
Jeffrey KurgesFebruary, 2004
Clifford RenfroApril, 2003
Ryan RobinsonJanuary, 2003
Jimmy AdanJune, 2003
Matthew BrooksOctober, 2002
Terry ThompsonOctober, 2002
David CohenOctober, 2002
Jon DownamNovember, 2002
Hareg AmirianNovember, 2000
Chris DerosaJanuary, 2000
Hunter CurrenAugust, 1999
Zareh AmirianJune, 1999
Branden JewApril, 1999
Scot TalamanteMarch, 1999
Howard HsuMarch, 1999
Moses OngFebruary, 1999
Tim NealJune, 1998
Michell ThorntonMay, 1998
Brian StocktonNovember, 1997
Eric TalamantesJune, 1997
Matt NimtzJune, 1997
Kenny WainwrithMay, 1997
Scott GrovesMarch, 1997
Robert DerosaDecember, 1996
Todd WilsonSeptember, 1994
Tommy RobertsApril, 1993
While a Life Scout, a Scout must plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project to any religious institution, school, or community.
As a demonstration of leadership, the Scout must plan the work, organize the personnel needed, and direct the project to its completion.
The Eagle service project is an individual matter; therefore, two Eagle candidates may not receive credit for the same project.
Eagle Scout leadership service projects involving council property or other BSA activities are not acceptable for an Eagle service project. The service project also may not be performed for a business, be of a commercial nature, or be a fund-raiser.
Routine labor, or a job or service normally rendered, should not be considered. An Eagle service project should be of significant magnitude to be special and should represent the candidate's best possible effort.
The Scout must submit his proposed project idea and secure the prior approval of his unit leader, unit committee, and district or council advancement committee, or their designee, to make sure that it meets the stated standards for Eagle Scout leadership service projects before the project is started. This pre-approval of the project does not mean that the board of review will accept the way the project was carried out.
Upon completion of the project, a detailed report must be submitted with the Scout's Eagle application to include the following information:

What was the Project?
How did it benefit others?
Who from the group benefiting from the project gave guidance?
Who helped carry out the project?
What materials were used and how were they acquired?

You will find most forms required to become an Eagle Scout in our
Eagle Scout Form page